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Matrix Medical Innovations is a biotech, implant and consumable distributor that is driving significant technological advancements across a suite of surgical and remote monitoring products.

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spinal endoscopy

Elliquence technology incorporates a patented radio wave energy source, which uses high frequency and low temperature radio waves to perform neurosurgical procedures. The elliquence endoscopic system affords unparalleled surgical precision and maximises the preservation of healthy tissue.

CarboClear x Pedicle Screw

The CarboClear Pedicle Screw is the worldโ€™s first full carbon fiber system. The carbon fiber properties produce negligible interference on CT and MRI, ensuring precise follow up imaging. The system offers exceptional fatigue resistance, which enhances segmental fusion and reduces failure rates.

Redmond Cage

The Redmond Cage is a bioactive, stand-alone interbody, which combines the benefits of PEEK and titanium materials. With various sizes and lordotic angles, the Redmond Cage provides excellent skeletal attachment for various spinal pathologies.


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